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Drill and Blast South Africa


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Drill and Blast South Africa

Safety and Health

Our Beliefs

There is nothing more important than protecting the health and safety of our employees and those who live and work adjacent to our operations.

  • All injuries and work related illnesses can, and must be prevented.

  • Management is accountable for health and safety performance.

  • Communication, engagement and training of all employees are essential elements in health and safety excellence.

  • Everyone has a responsibility to prevent injuries and illnesses.

  • All employees are accountable for working safely.

Our Commitment

We will work relentlessly towards a goal of zero injuries and illnesses.

  • Perform work in the safest possible manner consistent with the applicable regulations.

  • Identify and evaluate health and safety risks to ensure that hazards are eliminated or controlled.

  • Establish an effective process for preventing all injuries and work related illnesses. Any accident in this company will be viewed as a serious matter and will be thoroughly investigated.

  • Build a culture with positive leadership and clear accountability.

  • Investigate all incidents in order to prevent a recurrence and stop unsafe work.

  • Obtain input from employees and their representatives on health and safety issues and promote a healthy workplace.

  • Meet or exceed all legal requirements wherever we operate.


Botse (Pty) Ltd cares about the environment and works hard for its preservation by keeping its environmental impact to a minimum. To do so, the company makes sure to cut down on its use of dangerous substances in favor of biodegradable versions of the products; prioritizes the use of fuel efficient equipment; ensures dangerous substances are handled and disposed of in an efficient manner; and complies with dust emission standards during its drilling and blasting operations. "We are committed to the protection of the environment” Operating safely and responsibly is key to our business success. Following legislative requirements as well as our environmental policies, we will ensure the preservation of our valuable resources.

Your Success Is Our Business


As the company's founder and lead Steyn has 14 Years’ experience in Opencast Mining, Drilling and Blasting operations. He has held several Senior Management roles at large opencast operations before starting BOTSE Drill & Blast (PTY) Ltd in January 2020. He Holds a Surface Blasting Certificate and is a Graduate of GIBS Business School and UCT Management programs.

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